Importing Demo Data

If you need to see how an actual installation of Tutor LMS looks like, you can import the demo data. The file mentioned below adds courses, topic, lesson, and quiz. Also has YouTube video and images from a remote location.

Steps to import demo data

Firstly, download this file, it contains demo data – tutordemo.xml

Go to the admin Dashboard of your Tutor LMS installed website.

Navigate to Tools > Import. Find WordPress from the list. If you have installed the WordPress Importing plugin, then you will see the option named “Run Importer”. In case you don’t have it installed, do the followings.

Now you’ll see the “Run Importer” button appears. Click on it to proceed to the next steps.

Upload the .xml file you downloaded from here and click on “Upload and Import”.

The system will ask you to select the users for the contents. You can select your existing users or keep them as they are.

Don’t forget to click on “Import Attachments”.

Click “Submit” and you’re done.


The entire process may require a few minutes so it is advised to wait for a while. We encourage you to not interrupt the process.

You are encouraged to import demo data only after you have installed and activated both Tutor LMS and WooCommerce plugins. Otherwise, it may not work.

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