Manual Enrollments

Manual Enrollments add-on helps you add students manually to a course from the administration screen. You can search for students and assign them courses from a single screen.

This add-on also shows the enrolled students and their respective courses. So, if you want, you can remove students from courses too.

To use the manual enrollments feature, you have to enable the add-on first from Tutor LMS Pro > Add-ons > Enrollments.

Manual Enrollments Add-on Location

Then you will have to reload the page to see the new menu item inside Tutor LMS.

After the add-on activation, there will be a new menu item named Enrollments inside Tutor LMS Pro. Click on that and you will see the students that have already enrolled in your courses. To enroll students click on the Enroll a student button on the top and this popup will come up. From this popup you can manually select a course and add students to the course.

Manual Enrollment popup

Bulk Enrollment

You can bulk enroll multiple students now on Tutor LMS from the same menu. To add multiple students, after adding one student just search for more and click on the add icon. When you are finished click Enroll Now to enroll them all in the course.

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