Course Attachments

The Course Attachments add-on lets you upload attachments to a Course. Any file format that is supported by WordPress can be uploaded after activating this add-on.

Tutor LMS Course Attachments Add-on

To get started with this feature, go to WP Admin > Tutor LMS Pro > Add-ons and enable Course Attachments.

Uploading Course Attachments

Tutor LMS Upload Course Attachments Button

Now that you’ve enabled the add-on, visit any course of your choice in edit mode (or create a new course). Then, scroll down to a new section called Attachments.

Here, simply click on the Upload Attachments button and select the files you want to upload.

Tutor LMS Uploading Course Attachments

Any file format supported by WordPress can be uploaded with this feature. You can upload multiple files in one go.

It’ll look something like the image shown above. You can also remove a file by clicking on the x icon. Once that’s done, finish off by clicking on the Update button on the course editor.

Tutor LMS Course Attachments on Course Details Page

Once uploaded, students enrolled in the course can access it from the Course Details Page under the Resources tab.

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