If you face any issues with any features, it is always recommended to go through the general troubleshooting guide. Because most of the issues happen because of outdated PHP or MySQL server. We have found some of the hosts do not activate the Imagick PHP extension. It is mandatory to have the Imagick Extension to process images and PDF files. Without the extension, the certificate feature will not work.

Getting Error Message

If you are getting error message when you’re trying to generate a certificate. Please check if you have the Imagick extension installed and the PHP version is latest on your hosting server.

Also check for theme or plugin conflicts.

The Image is Broken or Distorted

The maximum recommended file size is 150kb. The smaller the file size is the better. You can use .png, .jpg or .jpeg file format.

The dimensions must be 852×606 for portrait or 606×852 for landscape.

Also be sure to check the server load such as CPU and RAM usage during the PDF certificate generation process.

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