Override Tutor Templates

If you are using any of Tutor LMS themes like Edumax, Skillate, Docent etc, please be careful as the themes have plugin specific features. So, replacing plugin templates might break the theme features. For Tutor LMS theme, replace only the files you need. Do not replace the entire folder at once.

Be careful about the course-archive.php page.

If you open the plugin folder of Tutor LMS (the folder you downloaded from WordPress.org), you will see there is a folder named templates. This is the folder that contains all the pages for Tutor LMS. The exact location for the folder is wp-content/plugins/tutor/templates

How to Override The Plugin Files of Tutor LMS

  1. Copy the templates folder inside your child theme.
  2. Rename it to tutor.
  3. So the final folder for you will be wp-content/themes/yourthemename-child/tutor

From here you can edit anything you want. For example, let’s say we want to change the text Course Level. So, I will search for the text “course level” inside the tutor folder that I just copied into my theme.

Location of the text inside the file

I have found the file name and the line number the text is located- that is /tutor/single/course/enrolled/lead-info.php

After editing and saving the file, I can see the change in my browser. Here is a video showing how to do it-

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