Tutor LMS Certificate Builder

Tutor LMS Certificate Builder allows anyone to create certificates that they want to present to their users.

The plugin can be found by anyone who has purchased a valid license of Tutor LMS Pro. Once they go to their downloads section of Themeum.

Link: https://www.themeum.com/account/downloads/

They should see the Tutor LMS Certificate Builder download option.

After you have downloaded and installed the Certificate Builder plugin on your WordPress site, you need to enable the Certificate Add-on from the Add-ons list.

Tutor LMS certificate addon
You will not see the Certificate Builder on your Tutor LMS Menu if you do not enable the Certificate add-on.

After you have activated the Certificate Add-on, you will see a new Certificaten Builder menu in the Tutor LMS menu section.

Tutor LMS certificate settings page

Below is a list of documentation that you will need to get the most out of Tutor LMS Certificate Builder.


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