The Notification add-on is a Tutor LMS Pro feature that allows you to send out two types of notifications to the users of your Tutor LMS Site: On-Site Notification and Browser Toast Push Notification.

To see these settings, you first have to enable the Notification add-on from WP Admin > Tutor LMS Pro > Add-ons. For more information on this feature, please visit its dedicated Notification addon documentation.

Student Notification

Student notification
  • Course Enrolled: Notification triggered when a student enrolls in a course.
  • Cancel Enrollment: Students receive notification when their enrollment in a course is canceled.
  • Assignment Graded: Students are notified when an instructor grades their submitted assignment.
  • New Announcement Posted: Students receive notifications for new announcements posted by the instructor.
  • Q&A Message Answered: Students are informed when their questions are answered.
  • Feedback Submitted for Quiz Attempt: Students receive feedback for their quiz attempts.
  • Removed From Course: Students are notified when they are removed from a course.
Note: The Removed From Course Notification only supports toast push notification.

Instructor Notification

Instructor notification
  • Instructor Application Accepted: Instructors are informed if their application to teach a course is accepted.
  • Instructor Application Rejected: Instructors receive notifications if their application to teach a course is rejected.

Admin Notification

Admin notification
  • Instructor Application Received: The admin will get a notification when someone apply to become an instructor.

Keep in mind that users will also receive a notification initially that will ask whether they want to be notified using push notifications or not.

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