Content Drip

The content drip feature allows the instructors to release lessons, quiz, and assignments.

To use the content drip feature, you have to activate the add-on from Tutor > Add-ons. After successfully activating the add-on, you will see a new tab for course settings on the course edit page.

Tutor LMS Pro – Content Drip Settings

Schedule course contents by date – this option requires you to set a date on every single lesson, quiz, and assignment. If you do not set a date for a lesson then it will appear instantly after the student enrolls.

Tutor Pro Content Drip Lesson Unlocking Feature

Content available after X days from enrollment – enabling this option will add a number field to set how many days to take to publish the lesson. The starting date will be the date enrolled and will be calculated from there.

Course content available sequentially – This is the most simple setting. After enabling this option, you will not see any option inside lessons, quiz or assignments. Because when one lesson is completed, the next one appears. That means this one checks for completed status for lesson, attempt status for the quiz and submit status for assignments.

Course content unlocked after finishing prerequisites – after enabling this option, you will be able to see the list of the lessons created and select the required lessons. Without completing those, the lesson will not be published for the student. You can set lessons, quiz, and assignments as a prerequisite.

Tutor Pro Quiz Prerequisites Feature

If a student attempts a quiz, he/she will be allowed to move on to the new lesson or the next quiz or assignment. Passing the quiz is not required.

If a student submits an assignment, he/she would be allowed to move to the next step. Getting the assignment reviewed or graded is not required.

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