General settings contain all settings related to the global behaviour of your Tutor LMS plugin.

Dashboard Page: You need to set a page from here which will be used for the dashboard page for both the students and instructors. Do not worry. The contents and feel will be different for each user role.

Public Profile: If you want to make a profile publicly visible, enable this option. In case you want to make a profile private (which means only the registered users: student/teacher can see the profiles) leave this option unchecked.

Profile Completion: Enable this feature to show a notification to students and instructors to fill up their profile information. This notification will show up in the dashboard for both cases.

Tutor Native Login: You can use this to disable Tutor LMS’s native login system. If you disable it, WordPress login method will be used by default.

Load Tutor CSS: If you want to use your theme’s styling then leave this option unchecked, but it is advised to enable this option since it lets Tutor load its styling.

Load Tutor JavaScript: It is similar to the previous option if you want to use your theme’s script then leave this option unchecked, otherwise enable this option.

Course Visibility: Enabling this option will refrain visitors to view the course overview page. When enabled, a user must be logged in to view the courses.

Erase upon uninstallation: When uninstalling the plugin, if you want to delete/remove/erase all the data generated (created) from Tutor, then enable this option.

Spotlight Mode: Spotlight mode helps a student minimize distraction, enabling this will hide the header/footer in learning mode.

YouTube Player: Enabling this option will disable the default YouTube video player. Leave it unchecked to use the default YouTube player.

Vimeo Player: Enabling this option will disable the default Vimeo video player. Leave it unchecked to use the default Vimeo player.

Pagination: You can control how many numbers of items you want to show per page using this option.

Maintenance Mode: If, for some reason, you need to make some big changes to your website after deployment, you can use maintenance mode to notify the students that your site is under maintenance. This way, they will not be able to access site content temporarily.

Frontend Admin Bar: This toggle allows you to hide the WordPress admin bar from the front end of the website. The WordPress admin bar will only show up for administrator roles, instructors, moderators etc will not be able to view it.

Course Builder Logo: Up until the release of Tutor LMS v1.4.3, there was no option for changing the Tutor LMS logo on your site. Now, using this feature, you can put a custom logo for your learning system on your site. The users/students will not know if you’re using Tutor LMS for your site.

Error message for wrong login credentials: Pick an error message for when a user puts the wrong credentials.

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