The Tutor Gradebook addon allows you to introduce the Grading Point system for grading all the course works. It comes with a ton of features to let you configure the grading system as your preference. In order to have the Grade Book functionality added to your platform, you need to activate the Grading addon.

Navigate to Dashboard > Tutor LMS > Add-ons > enable Gradebook.

Once you have activated the addon, you’ll see a new tab appears on the Settings page. You can find it by going to Dashboard > Tutor LMS > Settings > Gradebook (tab)

Setting up Gradebook

Grade Point: To understand this feature better we need to understand our grading system. If we grade course work as “Excellent”, “Good” or “A”, “B” without defining a point for each. Then we do not need to enable this function. We should only enable it when we grade using points. For instance, if someone scores between 94-100 percentage, 4 points will be assigned and we will name it “A/A+”. For 90 – 93 percentage, 3.7 points will be assigned and he/she will get a “B+”. Hence, enabling Grade Point, the scoring/grading will be based on points.

Grade Scale: If this feature is turned on, the scale would be shown next to the points scored by any individuals. For instance, if someone scores 6 on a scale of 10 when this feature is enabled it will be shown as “6 out of 10”.

Grade scale separator: This will be used as the identifier for separating points scored from the scale. Like you could use symbols like “/” or texts like “out of”.

Grade Scale: Although it may seem like, the number put in here is the base number used for calculation but it’s not. What you put in here is only a text. Which will be shown throughout the website (front & backend) only when Grade Scale is showing is enabled.

Configuring Grades

As an administrator (or an instructor) you can access the students grade from your Tutor LMS Dashboard. To everyone’s grade, you need to navigate to Dashboard > Tutor LMS > Grade Book.

But before that, we need to configure the settings. To create a new grade, go to the Gradebooks (tab) and find “+ Add New Grade”.

This will open up the new window where you need to put in related information.

Grade Name: You can define the name for the grade in this field. It can be one letter or something like “1st Division”.

Grade Point: If you are using the GPA system to calculate the student grades, you need to define the point for this specific grade.

Minimum Grade Percentile: Define the range for this grade, put the lower value in this field. Like if the range is 94 – 100 put 94 here in this field.

Maximum Grade Percentile: Define the range for this grade, put the higher value in this field. Like if the range is 94 – 100 put 100 here in this field.

Grade Colour: It is used for beatification, define a color for better styling.

Hit “Add New Grade” when you’re done. To customize or delete any existing grade you can hit the respective button from the grade list found in the Gradebook (tab).

If you are using Gradebook for the first time on a running platform. You’ll see the following screen providing you sample data if needed.

A Gradebook can only be generated by the student. The site admin or the instructor cannot create a Grade Book for any students. They can only regenerate (update) an existing Grade Book which is created by a student.

Generating a Grade Book

A Grade Book of a particular student can only be generated by the student him/herself. To generate the Grade Book the student needs to go to the relevant course homepage and click on the “Generate Gradebook” button.

Formula used for grading

For calculating the grading point or the average percentile we have used the simple mean formula. Which is – adding up the values in the data set (which is all quizzes and assignments) and then dividing by the number of values that are added. For instance, Tutor LMS calculates the grading as the following:

No.Course workGrade NameScorePoints Earned
1Assignment 1A+944.0
2 Assignment 2B-431.5
3Quiz 1B562.0
4 Quiz 2A823.5
5Quiz 3 B-451.5
_____________ _____________
Total Score:32012.5
Calculated GradeB+(320/5) = 64%(12.5/5) = 2.5

As per your configuration, the result on the Grade Book will be shown as B+, 64% or 2.5.

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