Tutor LMS Calendar Frontend Dashboard
Tutor LMS Calendar Add-on

To get started with the Tutor LMS Calendar feature, you first need to enable the Calendar add-on. Navigate to WP Admin > Tutor LMS > Add-ons to do this.

Tutor LMS Calendar Add-on

After you have enabled this add-on, you will see a new calendar section on the frontend dashboard of your Tutor LMS site. 

By default, you will see the assignments for that month. If you click on an assignment, it will take you to the corresponding assignment page in a new tab. Also, assignments that have passed the due date will be marked in red.

Note: If your students don’t see the Calendar section after enabling the Calendar add-on, please update your permalink settings.

You will be able to interact with the calendar by moving through the month and year. You’ll also be able to click on any date from the date picker and it will show the assignments for that specific date. 

Below is a list of other features you’ll find on the frontend Calendar panel.

  • Calendar: The calendar will help you move through specific months, days, and even years.
  • Search Bar: You can use the search bar to search for a specific assignment.
  • Assignment List: See all the assignments for your specific chosen date or month in a list view.

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