Editing or Adding More Course Levels

If you want to change the names of the existing course levels in Tutor LMS, please paste this code to your theme’s functions.php file. In this example code, we changed Beginner to Newbie, Intermediate to Rookie, and Expert to Professional.

add_filter('tutor_course_level', 'modify_course_level');
        if ( ! function_exists('modify_course_level')){
        function modify_course_level($levels){
        $levels['beginner'] = "Newbie";
        $levels['intermediate'] = "Rookie";
        $levels['expert'] = "Professional";
        return $levels;

If you want to add more levels to the existing 3, use this code instead. Here, we’re adding 2 new levels to the existing ones.

add_filter('tutor_course_level', 'add_extra_course_level');
if ( ! function_exists('add_extra_course_level')){
function add_extra_course_level($levels){
    $levels['extra-level-1'] = "Professional";
    $levels['extra-level-2'] = "Open for All";
    return $levels;

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