Course Preview

Using the Course Preview add-on you will be able to make certain lessons in your courses accessible for unenrolled or unregistered users so that they can get a sneak peek of your course.

This feature helps attract prospective students because it lets them see some of the actual course content and is a great way for students to judge if the course is right for them or not.

To use this feature, visit WP Admin > Tutor LMS Pro > Add-ons and enable Course Preview.

How to Use Course Preview

Tutor LMS Course Preview

After you’ve enabled this add-on, visit any course in edit mode and scroll down to the Course Builder section. Then, select any one of the lessons and open its editor. Next, scroll down to the bottom of the Lesson Editor where you’ll see a new option to Enable Course Preview

Tick off the checkbox to activate the option for this lesson and click on Update Lesson. You can do this for multiple lessons of your choice in the same way. Save your changes to the course by clicking on Update and you’re done!

Tip: Usually, giving a sneak peek at the first few lessons is the way to go since they’re the most introductory and don’t overwhelm prospective students if they’re unfamiliar with the course subject.

Course Preview in Action

Tutor LMS Course Preview on Course Details Page

Unenrolled students and unregistered users will be able to see the Course Preview when they visit this course’s overview page. Under the Course Content section, previewable content is represented by an eye icon placed on the right while other content is represented by lock icons.

Clicking on the previewable content will take them to the course journey page where they can experience the lessons in full just like if they were an enrolled student with the only exception being that they won’t be able to view any of the locked content.

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