REST API: Tutor LMS (Free)

Tutor LMS supports full WordPress REST API and multiple endpoints that you can read to use Tutor LMS resources as HTTP requests in JSON format.

Note: Currently Tutor LMS free version only provides the read-only capability for the free users. Authentication is required for the request to work.

Current Available Endpoints for Tutor LMS Free

Below is a list of read APIs that are ready for serving both native and third-party applications.

Note: In the following URLs “yourwebsiteaddress” refers to your live LMS website address.

Get Course

URL: http://yourwebsiteaddress/wp-json/tutor/v1/courses?order=desc&orderby=ID&paged=1
Type: get
Parameters: optional
Pagination: true

Get Course Detail By Course ID

URL: http://yourwebsiteaddress/wp-json/tutor/v1/course-detail/(course-id)
Type: get
Parameter: required(number)

Get Course Topics By Course ID

URL: http://yourwebsiteaddress/wp-json/tutor/v1/course-topic/(course-id)
Type: get
Parameter: required (number)

Get Lesson By Topic ID

URL: http://yourwebsiteaddress/wp-json/tutor/v1/lesson/(topic-id)
Type: get
Parameter: required(number)

Course Announcements By Course ID

URL: http://yourwebsiteaddress/wp-json/tutor/v1/course-annoucement/(course-id)
Type: get
Parameter: required(number)

Quiz By Topic ID

URL: http://yourwebsiteaddress/wp-json/tutor/v1/quiz/(topic-id)
Type: get
Parameter: required(number)

Quiz Questions By Quiz ID

URL: http://yourwebsiteaddress/wp-json/tutor/v1/quiz-question-answer/(quiz-id)
Type: get
Parameter: required(number)

Author Info By Author ID

URL: http://yourwebsiteaddress/wp-json/tutor/v1/author-information/(author-id)
Type: get
Parameter: required(number)

Course Ratings By Course ID

URL: http://yourwebsiteaddress/wp-json/tutor/v1/course-rating/(course-id)
Type: get
Parameter: required(number)

Course By Terms (Category/Tags)

URL: http://yourwebsiteaddress/wp-json/tutor/v1/course-by-terms/(category-id)
Type: post
"categories":["web"], //array optional
"tags": ["php"] //array optional

Course Sorting By Price Asc/Desc

URL: http://yourwebsiteaddress/wp-json/tutor/v1/course-sorting-by-price?order=desc&page=1
Type: get
Parameter: order (required,string), page(optional,number)

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