The Tutor LMS Pro Gradebook add-on allows you to introduce a Grade Point System for grading all coursework.

From the Gradebook Settings, you will find all the options available to customize the Gradebook feature for your Tutor LMS site.

Tutor LMS Gradebook Settings

To see the Gradebook Settings, you need to head over to WP Admin > Tutor LMS Pro > Add-ons and enable Gradebook.


Use Points Instead of Grades: Enable this option to use numerical points instead of letter grades. If you grade coursework as “Excellent”, “Good”, etc or “A”, “B” and so on without defining a point for each, then you don’t need to enable this feature. However, if you want to grade using points, enabling this option is the way to go.

For example, if someone scores between 94-100 percent, 4 points can be assigned and you can label it A or A+. For 90 – 93 percent, 3.7 points can be assigned and the corresponding grade will be B+. In this way, using Gradebook, you can base your scoring/grading on points.

Enable GPA Scale Limit: If this feature is enabled, the total scale would be shown next to the points scored by any individual. For instance, if someone scores 6 on a scale of 10 while this feature is enabled, it will display the score as “6/10”.

Separator Between Scores: This will be used as the symbol to separate the Points Scored from the Scale Limit. You can use symbols like “/” or words like “out of” for this purpose.

Set the GPA Scale Limit: Insert the highest limit of your grade point system. This will be the number displayed as the GPA Scale Limit if you enable it.

To learn more about the Gradebook add-on, check out its documentation.

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