Similar to Students, Instructors are another crucial aspect of an LMS site, and you’ll find their list by navigating to WP Admin > Tutor LMS > Instructors

Here, you’ll be able to view all of the instructors registered on your site along with their basic info, manage them, and even add new instructors.

Tutor LMS Menus - Instructors

Add New Instructor

Tutor LMS Menus - Instructors Add New Instructor

While Tutor LMS gives you the option to allow Instructors to register, you can also manually add them yourself from this page by clicking on the Add New button.

Upon clicking, a pop-up window should appear with the following fields:

  • First Name: Enter the Instructor’s First Name.
  • Last Name: Enter the Instructor’s Last Name.
  • Username: Define a Username for the Instructor.
  • Phone Number: Enter the Instructor’s Phone Number.
  • Email Address: Enter the Instructor’s Email Address.
  • Password: Set a Password for the Instructor.
  • Retype Password: Retype the password you just set.
  • Bio (Optional): Write a short description of the instructor.

After filling in all the relevant information, click on the Add Instructor button to finally submit this data.

Instructors List

Next, on the top left, you’ll find the tabs for All, Approved, Pending, and Blocked allowing you to see the instructors according to their status. 

Then comes the main table listing all of the Instructors and their information like their Name, Email, Total Courses, Commission Rate, and of course, Status.


To change the status, you can simply click on the label and a drop-down list with other status options should appear. The options available are:

  • Pending: This status is for users who registered to become an instructor but are pending approval from an admin.
  • Approved: This status is for admin-approved instructors.
  • Blocked: This status is for users who registered to become an instructor but the admin rejected their application.

To easily find an Instructor, you can make use of the search, filter, and sorting options that are situated at the top.

Edit Instructor

Lastly, to update the information of any Instructor, click on the Edit button next to their information on the table. This will take you to WordPress’ native User Information Editor where you can alter their information like Name, Contact Info, Password, etc. 

If you scroll down on this page, you can also find a Tutor Fields section, where you can set their Job Title, Profile Bio, Profile Photo, and Billing address. To finish up, click on Save to keep your changes!

Tutor fields on profile section

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