Editing instructor profile using frontend dashboard

Instructors have complete control to customize their profile dashboard from the frontend dashboard. Once you navigate to the frontend profile settings (profile dashboard  → Settings), you will find the following options.

Public Cover Picture: Set a public profile picture in your public profile that will be seen by your peers. Cover photo size is advisable to be 700 X 430 pixels.

Profile Picture: Profile pictures are helpful in giving your profile an identifiable look. Profile photo image size should be maximum 200 X 200 pixels.

First Name: Set your first name. Use the text to write your first name.

Last Name: Set your last system name. Use the text to write your last name.

User Name: Set the username that you want to show the users of the LMS site. You can set it whatever name you desire.

Phone Number: Set the phone number that others can use to contact you.

Bio: Your bio defines the kind of vibe you want others to know you by.  You can a short summary about yourself, your qualifications, previous experience, what draws you to teach people, descriptions about your certifications that shows people that you are capable.

Display name publicly as: The display name is shown in all public fields, such as the author name, instructor name, student name, and name that will be printed on the certificate. You can set anything from the username, first name, last name, full name, etc.

Certificate Signature: Set the signature from the frontend dashboard of your profile, you want to show up in the certificate that you distribute. There are some general guidelines that you must abide by while uploading the image of the signature.

  • Signatture image size: 700×430 pixels;
  • Supported file formats and guidelines: jpg, jpeg, gif, or png. no text on the image.

Connect with your colleagues and peers by sharing your social media handles from this section.

Website URL: Set the website where people can find you. Once you add it to your profile it will show up in the public profile of your instructors and students.

Github URL: Share your github profile link to connect with people available there.

Facebook URL: Connect with people socially by sharing the Facebook social media link handle.

Twitter URL: Share your twitter handle in your public profile to connect with people.

Linkedin URL: Linkedin can help you professionally to connect with the right audience. And to find the right people to publicly share your Linkedin profile link on your public profile page.

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