Course Status

This module shows if the student is enrolled in the course. If the student is not enrolled it will show the Add to cart button.

  • Design: In the design section, you will be able to customize the following attributes.
    • Section Title Font
    • Section Title Font Weight
    • Section Title Text Alignment
    • Section Title Text Color
    • Section Title Text Size
    • Section Title Spacing
    • Section Title Height 
    • Section Title Text Shadow
  • Progress Bar
    • Color
    • Background Color
    • Height
    • Border Radius
    • Gap
  • Progress Text
    • Progress Text Font
    • Progress Text Font Weight
    • Progress Text Font Style
    • Progress Text Font Color
    • Progress Text Size
    • Progress Text Letter Spacing
    • Progress Text Letter height
    • Progress Text Shadow
  • Spacing
    • Margin
    • Padding

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