Course Purchase

Display your membership plan and course’s price or the percentage of course completion for already enrolled students.


In the “Content” section, you will be able to set the following attributes:

Course: Select the course to which you want to add the Tutor Course Purchase module.

Preview Mode: Set the Course Purchase mode to either Enrolment Box or Enrolled box for already enrolled students.

Progress Title: Use the text box to set the title of the Course Progress.


Alignment: Set the alignment of the button using the three predefined alignment options.

Size: Set the size of the button to medium or large. 

Width: Set the width of the button using the three predefined width options.


In the Design section, you will be able to customize the following attributes.

  • Enroll Button
  • Add to Cart Button
  • Start/Continue/Retake Button
  • Complete Course Button
  • Enrolled Text
  • Enrolled Icon
  • Enrolled Date
  • Course Price
  • Course Strike Price
  • Progress Title
  • Progress Bar
  • Progress Text
  • Meta Info
  • Spacing

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