Yoast/RankMath Issue (Broken Dashboard)

For some users, who are using Yoast/Rank Math on their site and an overridden main/child theme file, the Tutor LMS dashboard gets broken in some instances. This doc aims to provide to fix this.

  • First check if the theme you are using is overriding the Tutor LMS plugin or not.
  • Then, check if your theme has a child theme or not. You will need to override the theme with a child theme. Go to the Tutor folder from that theme and find the dashboard.php file
  • You will need to override this file. Access the folder from the website server and navigate to the file that you need to override. Open the file with an editor.
  • Now, on the top and bottom of that, you can see this function called get_header() and get_footer().

To fix the broken dashboard issue replace the get_header() function with

$is_by_short_code = isset($is_shortcode) && $is_shortcode===true;
if(!$is_by_short_code && !defined( 'OTLMS_VERSION' ))  {

and replace the get_footer() function with:

if(!$is_by_short_code && !defined( 'OTLMS_VERSION' )) {

Note: The overall issue is, you can’t directly use the get_header() and get_footer() functions without the above condition.

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