You can configure all your Monetization settings from this section to start earning from your Tutor LMS site. Effectively customizing these settings can help you maximize your earning potential.


eCommerce monetization of Tutor LMS

Select eCommerce Engine: Select a monetization option to generate revenue by selling courses. Supports: WooCommerce, WooCommerce Subscription, Easy Digital Downloads, Paid Memberships Pro, and Restrict Content Pro. 

Please note that multiple eCommerce engines will not work at the same time. You can only have one eCommerce engine operating at a time.

Automatically Complete WooCommerce Orders: If you’re using WooCommerce as your eCommerce Engine, then you will see this option. If enabled, your WooCommerce Orders will automatically get “Completed” status in the case of Courses.

Enable Revenue Sharing: Allow sharing revenue generated from courses with course creators.

Sharing Percentage: Define how the sales revenue will be shared among the admins and instructors. Note that these values are in percentage.

Show Statement Per Page: Define the number of statements to show.

Enable Guest Mode: Enable this to allow customers to place orders without an account.


Deduct fees for Tutor LMS course

Deduct Fees: Fees are charged from the entire sales amount. The remaining amount will be divided among admin and instructors. If enabled, you’ll find the following two options appear. 

Fee Description: Set a description for the fee that you are deducting. Make sure to give a reasonable explanation to maintain transparency with your site’s instructors.

Fee Amount & Type: Select the fee type and add the fee amount/percentage. You can either set a Fixed Amount or set a Percentage that will go to the instructor.


Withdrawal settings of Tutor LMS

Minimum Withdrawal Amount: Instructors should earn equal to or above this amount to make a withdrawal request. Set the minimum amount that they will be able to withdraw.

Minimum Days for Balance to be Available: Any income has to stay this amount of days in the platform before it is available for withdrawal.

Enable Withdraw Method: Set how you would like users to withdraw money from the website. Options include:

  • Bank Transfer
  • E-Check
  • PayPal

Bank Instructions: Enter any important instructions you need to mention to the instructor when they withdraw through bank transfer.

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