Tutor LMS provides its users with the capability to create certificates they will be able to award to the students. And to do that, you will be able to use the drag & drop certificate builder with all the elements that you will need to create the perfect certificate for your courses.

Create Certificate

The create certificate button will take you to the drag & drop certificate builder where you will find all the available settings. 

  • Select your favorite design
  • Type in your text & upload your signature
  • Press Save, Your certificate Ready

Legacy Certificate Settings

  • Authorized Name: Write down the person name who is authorised to give the certificate.
  • Authorized Company Name: Here goes the organisation name.
  • Show Instructor Name on Certificate: Either enable/disable the instructor name to show/hide the instructor name from the certificate.
  • Certificate Link in Course Completion Email: Enable to send certificate link along with the course completion email.
  • Upload Signature: Upload an image containing the signature of the authorised person, which will be printed on the certificate.

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