This section of the Advanced Settings allows you to customize the extended capabilities of your Tutor LMS. It has two different sections: the first one is Course and the second one is Options. Let’s explain both of these:


Advanced course options

Gutenberg Editor: Enable this option so you can create your Courses using the Glutenberg Editor.

Hide Course Products on Shop Page: Hide Tutor Courses from the Shop Page and only show other WooCommerce Products to be sold from here. 

You can visit this page through the URL YourTutorSite/shop. Note that YourTutorSite should be replaced with your site’s domain name.

Course Archive Page: This page will be used to list all the published courses.

Instructor Registration Page: Select the page that contains the Instructor Registration form using which new instructors can sign up.

Student Registration Page: Select the page that contains the Student Registration form using which new students can sign up.

Course Permalink Base: Define the permalink base text for your courses. Example: YourTutorSite/courses/sample-course/. Changing the value there will update the “courses” part of your URL.

Lesson Permalink Base: Define the Permalink Base Text for the URL of your lessons. Example: YourTutorSite/courses/sample-course/lesson/sample-lesson/

Youtube API Key: Insert the YouTube API key to host Live Streaming Sessions using YouTube. You can generate the API key by following our YouTube API key documentation.

After changing the course/lesson permalink base, remember to update your permalink structure to “Post name” from the WP Dashboard > Settings > Permalinks.


Advanced options of Tutor LMS

Profile Completion: Enable this feature to show a notification bar to students and instructors prompting them to complete their profile information.

Enable Tutor Login: Enable this to make use of the Tutor Login modal instead of the default WordPress Login page.

Login Page: Select the page that will be used as the Login page for both the students and instructors.

Erase upon Uninstallation: Enable this option to delete all data during uninstallation.

Maintenance Mode: Enabling the maintenance mode allows you to display a custom message on the frontend. During this time, visitors cannot access the site content but the WP Admin Dashboard will remain accessible.

Hide Admin Bar and Restrict Access to WP Admin for Instructors: This option allows you to hide the WordPress Admin Bar entirely from the frontend for instructors while it remains visible to admins.

Content Security

Content security

Prevent Hotlinking: Enable this option to safeguard your content by blocking unauthorized sharing.

Copy Protection: It will disable the right-click actions and keep your website content secure against unauthorized copying.

The hotlink prevention feature works by modifying your .htaccess file. Make sure you have the write permission of .htaccess file.

If you don’t have the write aceess to the .htacees file, you’ll get a warning message like following:

htaccess warning



Enable ChatGPT: Turn on this option to get ChatGPT bubble on your course description lesson, quiz, and other pages within Tutor LMS.

Insert ChatGPT API Key: Set your ChatGPT API Key here to use ChatGPT uninterruptedly.

Bubble Position: Choose the chat bubble’s placement on your website.

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