Course Benefits

Show what benefits the user will get once they complete the given course. Making it easier for them to make a choice.


Title: Use the text box to set the title of the Course Benefits widget.

Layout: Pick a layout option between lists and in-line.

List Icon: Use this option to upload new designs for the list icons.

Alignment: Set the alignment of the title text using the three predefined alignment options.


Section Title

Color: Choose the color of the title text from a wide range of colors from the color palette.

Typography: Choose your desired typography for this title. You can choose between global typography settings and custom typography.

Alignment: Pick an alignment for the text content in the builder. This is a responsive function, so you can edit for different display sizes.


Space Between: Select the space between each item on the list.

Alignment: Select an alignment mode for the items in the list.

Vertical Align: Select a vertical alignment mode for the items in the list.

Border Type: Select a border and border type for the items in the list. The border will be applied to each line.

Border Color: If a border is applied, you can select the border’s color using a color picker or global colors.

Padding: Set a padding for the items in the list. The padding can be set in pixels, EM, or percentage.


Color: Pick a color for the list icon.

Size: Pick a size value for the list icon.


Color: Pick a color for the text in the benefits section

Text Indent: Pick an indent value for the text in benefits the section 

Typography: Pick a typography for the text.

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