Course Rating

Display the course ratings for the specific course using this module.

For all the individual options press the “?” icon on hover to find a short description of what that attribute is for.


Content: In the Content section, you can customize the following attributes.


  • Course – You can Select which course you want to import the content for.
  • Layout – Define whether the benefits will be displayed as a left or up.
  • Alignment – Set the alignment for the text.


  • Module Link URL – When clicked the module will link to this URL.
  • Module Link Target – You can set whether or not your module link opens in the same window.

Admin Label

  • Admin Label – This will change the label of the module in the builder for easy identification.


Make edits to the Course Rating stars visual design from this section.

Rating Stars

  • Star Size – Adjust the size of the rating stars in pixels from this section.
  • Star Gap – Adjust the gap between stars in pixels.
  • Star Color – Set the color of the rating stars.

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