To see the email settings, you need to enable the Email add-on from the Tutor LMS add-ons menu. Navigate to

wp-admin -> Tutor LMS -> Add-ons -> Emails

Enable the add-on using the toggle button. After you have enabled it, refresh the page. And then go to

Tutor LMS -> Settings -> Email

Here you will find all the available settings to customize the email settings for your Tutor LMS site.

Email Meta Data

Set the email metadata that will show up when you are sending or receiving emails to your recipients.

Name: Define the name from which the emails will be sent. Your recipients will see this name when they receive or open this email.

E-mail Address: E-mail address from which the emails will be sent. It’s better to use official email addresses for credibility.

E-mail Footer Text: Define the text that will appear in the e-mail template footer. This can contain your signature, addresses for your business, etc.

This section uses an editor that will provide all the formatting tools you might need to show the information properly.

Email Template Editor

Here you’ll find a list of emails that you can enable or disable depending on your needs. If you click on the Edit button this will take you to an email template content editor to edit the email for that event.

Template Content

Tutor LMS has a built-in email notification system to keep the students and tutors updated with the latest happenings. Here, you’ll be able to edit the email template content. 

Title Logo: Upload the logo of your site. 

Subject: Use the text field to write the subject of your email.

Email Heading: Use the text field to write the heading of your email. 

Additional Content: Use the text field to write additional content for your email. 

You’ll find the list of variables that can be used inside the email templates’ body text in the image below. 

Template Preview

Any changes you make will be visible in the template preview section right away. This will help you visualize the content and make changes accordingly. 

Send a Test Mail

Send a test email to ensure if your emails are being sent and delivered and any design or content changes are working the way they should.

E-mail To Students

Toggle the email notifications that you want to send to students for specific Tutor LMS events.

  • Course Enrolled
  • Quiz Completed
  • Completed a Course
  • Remove from Course
  • Assignment Graded
  • New Announcement Posted
  • New Announcement Updated
  • Q&A Message Answered
  • Feedback submitted for Quiz Attempt
  • Course enrolment expired
  • Student New Lesson Published
  • Student New Quiz Published
  • Student New Assignment Published

Email To Teachers

Toggle the email notifications that you want to send to instructors for specific Tutor LMS events.

  • A Student Enrolled in Course
  • A Student Completed Course
  • A Student Completed Lesson
  • A Student asked a Question in Q&A
  • Student Submitted Quiz
  • Student Submitted Assignment
  • Withdrawal Request Approved
  • Withdrawal Request Rejected
  • Withdrawal Request Received
  • Instructor Application Accepted
  • Instructor Application Rejected
  • Instructor Application Received
  • Instructor Course Published
  • An Instructor’s Course Rejected

Emails to Admin

Toggle the email notifications that you want to send to yourself as an admin for specific Tutor LMS events.

  • New Instructor Signup
  • New Student Signup
  • New Course Submitted for Review
  • New Course Published
  • Course Edited/Updated
  • New Withdrawal Request

Email Sending

Configure the Cron settings for your emails. 

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