General Settings:

The general settings tab is dedicated to the site admin. Site admin will decide how the users will run a campaign on this site.

Fund Manager: Since WP Crowdfunding is based on WooCommerce it’s advised to set it to WooCommerce.

Default Campaign Status: Site admin will decide when a user creates any campaign would it be published immediately or should wait for the admin approval. If it’s set to “Draft” or “Pending Review” the item would be found under Products > All Products.

Enable Minimum Price: Enabling it would make it possible to set a minimum amount in campaign submission form.

Enable Maximum Price: Enabling it would make it possible to set a maximum amount in campaign submission form.

Enable Recommended Price: Enabling it would make it possible to set an amount that will be shown by default in campaign submission form.

Site admin can set how the campaign will run from the following 4 options

  • Show Target Goal
  • Show Target Date
  • Show Target Goal & Date
  • Show Campaign Never End

Enabling these functions will let the users choose his/her campaign running method.

Select Dashboard Page: Here you need to select the page for your dashboard. (Please note: A default CP Dashboard Page is provided with WP CF plugin)

Select Campaign Submit Form: Here you need to select the campaign form by which the campaign will be created. (Please note: A default CP Campaign Form is provided with WP Crowdfunding plugin)

4 predefined pages: After installing WP Crowdfunding, you will have 4 predefined pages that will load automatically after installation. See their description below:

  • CF Campaign Form: Will let you create a new campaign.
  • CF Dashboard: Will provide you with a dashboard to see and control all your campaigns from one place.
  • CF Listing Page: Will let you show all of your campaigns in a single place.
  • CF User Registration: This page can be used to get user registration.

Campaign Creator: From this drop-down menu the site admin will determine which role will have the access to create a new campaign. To select multiple roles, you need to hold (Ctrl/Cmd) and select the user roles from the select box.

Redirect URL for User Registration Success: It’s pretty self-explanatory. You can determine the URL of which page (like a thank you page) you want your user to go after a successful registration.

WooCommerce Settings: Customize WooCommerce

Hide Crowdfunding Campaign From Shop Page: If you have a shop page (or other products in your site) you can hide your campaigns from that by simply enabling this.

Hide Billing Address From Checkout Page: You can hide the address from checkout page by enabling this option.

Select Listing Page: Select the page where you want to show all the campaign listings/Product listings. It’s highly advised to select the default “CF listing page”. You can also create a listing page using “Listing shortcode” and select that page from this dropdown list.

Select Registration Page: Select your registration page from the drop down list. A default “CF Registration Page” is provided with WP Crowdfunding, we advise you to select that. You can also create a registration page using “Registration shortcode” and select that page from this dropdown list.

Submit Form Text Settings:

This text area will be found below campaign submit form.

Submit Form Requirement Title: Its the title of terms and conditions.

Submit Form Requirement Text: Your terms and conditions goes here.

Submit Form Agree Title: It’s the checkmark box for agreeing with the terms and conditions. The default text is “I agree with the terms and conditions.” but you can always change it.

Redirect after Back This Campaign Button submit: This action will determine what will happen after clicking on “Donate” button. You can select cart page or check out page from here. It’s recommended to select “Checkout Page”.

Listing Page Settings

Number of Columns in a Row: You can change how many columns will be shown on listing page from here. The preset value are 2,3 and 4.

Number of Words Shown in Listing Description: You can set the limit of words you want to show in the list description from here.

Single Page Settings

Load single campaign template: You can always change the campaign single page design. By default it’s set to “In WP Crowdfunding own template” but if you want to customize the design, you need to change your WooCommerce template and select “In WooCommerce Default” from here.

Rewards design in single page: WP Crowdfunding provides two design templates. You can alternate the design by selecting 1 or 2.

Reward show fixed price not range: If you don’t like to have a range on Rewards, you can make it fixed by enabling this option.

Tax Settings

Enable Tax in Crowdfunding Products: If you want to add Tax when someone donates to your campaign you can just simply enable the option and the Tax will be added automatically on the checkout page. Tax settings can be found in WooCommerce > Settings > General > Enable Taxes (A “Tax” tab will appear)

Pay full to Campaign Owner Settings

Send 100% Payment to Campaign Owner (PayPal Standard Only): If you (the site admin) want to pay 100% of the donation amount to the campaign owner, you can do so by check marking this option. Please note, this option is only available for PayPal Standard.

Select a Theme for Single and Listing Pages

If you have different themes installed in your site, you can select those themes from this option.

Style: Single Page

All the functions of this tab are pretty self-explanatory. All the changes you make here will change the view of the campaign single page. If you want to have a custom style you can do so by simply pasting your custom CSS code inside the “Custom CSS” field.

Field Settings

From this part of the WP Crowdfunding settings, you will be able to enable/disable certain section of the campaign submission form. You will be able to display or hide

  • Description: Let your users write the description for their campaign
  • Short Description: Allow a short description of the campaign
  • Category: Set the category for your campaign.
  • Tag: Tag: Set tags that are related to the campaign.
  • Feature Image: Add an image for the crowdfunding campaign.
  • Video: Let users add a video to the campaign.
  • Campaign End Method: Field for when the campaign will end.
  • Show Target Goal: Field for when the campaign will end after reaching a specific goal.
  • Show Target Date: Allow users to set the start/end date using the time picker.
  • Show Target Goal & Date: Display or hide when the crowdfunding campaign will end after a specific date and when a certain amount is raised.
  • Show Campaign Never End: Display or hide if the campaign will have no end conditions.
  • Start Date: Show the start date-time picker.
  • End Date: Show the end date time picker.
  • Enable Minimum Price: Enable minimum price option on the campaign submission form
  • Enable Maximum Price: Enable maximum price option on the campaign submission form
  • Enable Recommended Price: Enable recommended price option on the campaign submission form
  • Funding Goal: Show the campaign funding goal.
  • Predefined Pledge Amount: Show a recommendation for the campaign funding amount.
  • Contributor Table: Display or hide the list of all contributors with their backed amount on the campaign single page.
  • Contributor Anonymity: Enable or disable the field that shows the name of contributors in the campaign single page.
  • Country: Show or hide the country field for the crowdfunding campaign.
  • Location: Display or hide the location field.
  • Reward Image: Image upload for the reward.
  • Reward: Field for the specific reward amount.
  • Estimated Delivery Month: Display or hide the field for estimated delivery month of the campaign.
  • Estimated Delivery Year: Show or hide the field for the estimated delivery year for the campaign.
  • Quantity: Set the quantity for your campaign.
  • Terms and Conditions:  Check the box to agree to the crowdfunding terms and conditions.

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