The Wallet add-on enables you as an admin of the WP Crowdfunding-powered platform to split campaign earnings between the campaign owner and you (site admin).

If you have enabled the wallet add-on from the add-ons section you will the Wallet tab in the WP Crowdfunding settings.

  • Withdraw type: This withdrawal type determines when a user can request a withdrawal.  You can select from any time, set after a certain period of time, and after the crowdfunding project is completed.
  • Receiver percent: Set the percentage amount you want the campaign owner to get and the rest will go to your (admin) account.
  • Minimum withdraw amount: Set the balance that will set the minimum withdrawal amount. The user will not be able to make a withdraw request unless his balance exceeds this amount.

Deposit Money

You can also allow the crowdfunding backers/users to deposit their own money that they can use to donate later on from their wallet balance.

  • Enable Wallet Deposit: Checkmark the box to enable Wallet Deposit. If you want to disable it just uncheck the box to disable the Wallet Deposit feature.
  • Wallet Deposit Checkout Product

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