Campaign Builder

Create a New Campaign

To start building a new campaign for your crowdfunding, go to the Crowdfunding Frontend dashboard.

You can create a page as a crowdfunding dashboard using a shortcode given here.

Crowdfunding project submission form:

Shortcode [wpcf_form] = It allows you to create “Add new campaign” on any page.

Crowdfunding Dashboard

In the dashboard, you will find the Add A New Campaign button.

Click on it and you will see a form to create your campaign. Full out the form to get started with your crowdfunding program.

Create a New Campaign

Once you click on the “Add New Campaign” button you will see the following submission form for your campaign.

In the form, you will find the following options

  • Title: Set the title of your crowdfunding campaign.
  • Description: Add a description for your campaign so that people understand what this particular crowdfunding is about.
  • Short Description: Define a shorter version of your full description here.
  • Category: Set the category for your campaign.
  • Tag: Set tags related to your campaign.
  • Feature Image: Add an image to showcase your crowdfunding campaign.
  • Gallery Image: Upload multiple images with the gallery image uplaod feature. Use the WordPress gallery image upload option to showcase multiple images for your crowdfunding campaign.
  • Video: Add a video for your campaign. Copy and paste the URL here to add it.
  • Campaign End Method: Choose when the campaign will end.
    • Target Goal: The campaign ends when it reaches a specific goal.
    • Target Date: Campaign ends after a specific date.
    • Target Goal And Date: The crowdfunding campaign ends after a specific date and when a certain amount is raised. Meaning the campaign will stop only when both conditions are met.
    • Campaign Never Ends: The campaign has no end conditions.
  • Start Date/End Date: Set the start/end date using the time picker.
  • Minimum Amount/Maximum Amount: Set the minimum/maximum amount a campaign backer can contribute.
  • Funding Goal: Set the campaign funding goal.
  • Recommend Amount: Show a recommendation for the campaign funding amount.
  • Predefined Pledge Amount: Predefined amount allow you to place the amount in the donation box by click, price should be separated by comma (,), example: 10,20,30,40
  • Contributor Table: Enabling this will show the list of all contributors with their backed amount on the campaign single page.
  • Contributor Anonymity: Enabling this to hide the name of contributors in the campaign single page.
  • Country: Set the country for your crowdfunding campaign.
  • Location: Define the location of the campaign.
  • Reward Option: This lets you define the reward options for your campaign backers.
    • Pledge Amount: Set the pledge amount.
    • Reward Image: Upload an image for the reward.
    • Reward: Set the reward amount.
    • Estimated Delivery Month: Set the estimated delivery month for your campaign.
    • Estimated Delivery Year: Set the estimated delivery year for your campaign.
    • Quantity: Set the quantity for your campaign.
    • Add Button: Add new rewards by clicking on the button.
  • Terms & Conditions Agreement: Check the box to agree to the crowdfunding terms and conditions.
  • Submit Campaign Button: Click on the button to submit your campaign.
  • Cancel Button: Discard the form and go back to your dashboard.

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