Campaign Builder

WP Crowdfunding has two different ways of building a campaign. You can either create a dedicated campaign builder page or users can also create a campaign from the Crowdfunding dashboard.

Create a Campaign Builder Form using Shortcode

WP Crowdfunding has a special shortcode that creates a form on your WordPress website. This form helps you build a crowdfunding campaign easily. This shortcode is –


Simply put this shortcode on your webpage and the campaign builder form will be available there.

Create a Campaign from the Crowdfunding Dashboard section

The Crowdfunding Dashboard section has a “Add New Campaign” button. Users can create campaigns from this section.

Crowdfunding dashboard page

Click on it and you will see a form to create your campaign. Full out the form to get started with your crowdfunding program.

Create a New Campaign

Once you click on the “Add New Campaign” button, you will see the following submission form for your campaign.

Let’s break this form and explain the available options.

Campaign Title and Description

Title and description of Crowdfunding form

In the section, you will find the following options:

  • Title: Set the title of your crowdfunding campaign.
  • Description: Add a description for your campaign. Here you can briefly describe the purpose, goal, and other relevant information about the campaign.
  • Short Description: Describe the campaign in short here. This description will be visible on the Shop page.

Set Campaign Category & Tags

Set Campaign Category & Tags

The available options in this section are:

  • Category: Select your campaign category from the dropdown. You can choose only one category for your campaign. To select multiple categories, you have to do it from the WordPress admin panel.
  • Tag: Set tags related to your campaign. You can separate multiple tags using commas.

Upload Media files

Upload media files on Crowdfunding campaign builder page

The media section contains the following part –

  • Feature Image: Add the feature image to showcase your crowdfunding campaign.
  • Gallery Image: Upload the gallery images from this section. You can upload multiple images from here.
  • Video: Add a video for your campaign. Put the URL here and the video will be displayed on the campaign page.

Campaign Time Frame

Campaign time frame

Set the campaign time frame from here. The available options are:

  • Campaign End Method: Choose when the campaign will end.
    • Target Goal: The campaign will end when a certain amount is raised.
    • Target Date: Campaign ends after a specific date.
    • Target Goal And Date: The crowdfunding campaign ends after a specific date and when a certain amount is raised. It means the campaign will stop only when both conditions are met.
    • Campaign Never Ends: The campaign has no end conditions.
  • Start Date: Set the campaign start date using the time picker.
  • End Date: Set the campaign end date.

Set Campaign Fund Information

Set Campaign Fund

Set the funding information for your campaign from here. The available options are:

  • Minimum Amount/Maximum Amount: Set the minimum/maximum amount of money the donor can contribute for this specific campaign. Leave the box blank if you don’t want to limit the amount.
  • Funding Goal: Set the goal of this particular campaign.
  • Recommend Amount: Show a recommended funding amount.
  • Predefined Pledge Amount: Predefined pledge amount allow you to place the amount in the donation box by clicking on the amount. You can add multiple amounts by separating those using a comma. For example: 10,20,30,40.

Contributor Information

Set the contributor information

Set your contribution information from here. The available options are:

  • Contributor Table: Enabling this will show the list of all contributors with their backed amount on the campaign single page.
  • Contributor Anonymity: Enabling this to hide the name of contributors in the campaign single page.
  • Country: Set the country for your crowdfunding campaign.
  • Location: Define the location of the campaign.

Reward Option

WP Crowdfunding reward option

This lets you define the reward options for your campaign.

  • Pledge Amount: Set the pledge amount.
  • Reward Image: Upload an image for the reward.
  • Reward: Set the reward amount.
  • Estimated Delivery Month: Set the estimated delivery month for your campaign.
  • Estimated Delivery Year: Set the estimated delivery year for your campaign.
  • Quantity: Set the quantity for your campaign.
  • Add Button: Add new rewards by clicking on the + Add button.

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