Money Management

WP Crowdfunding is a solution for creating crowdfunding platforms with a WordPress website. It allows you to crowdsource funds for your campaigns. Since you’ll be operating a site with hundreds (of thousands) of users. It is crucial to understand commission allocation, money management, and money distribution. 

Money Management options for Free Users

Since WP Crowdfunding is powered by WooCommerce, it supports all payment methods that are supported by WooCommerce. You can add your desired payment method by simply installing their WordPress plugin. Once you’ve added your payment method to your site, you can configure the setting by going to Dashboard > WooCommerce > Settings > Payments > find your preferred payment method and set it up. 

Available Payment methods for WP Crowdfunding Free version

For instance, if you’d like to use Stripe as your payment gateway, you can install their WordPress plugin (like any other plugin installation). Then go to Dashboard > WooCommerce > Settings > Payments > Strip, make it enable and configure the settings by providing your Stripe setup key by clicking on the Manage button. Finally hit save change when you are done. 

Please be informed money management features like calculating commission, are not provided in the Free version of the plugin.

Money management freedom for premium users

As a premium user of WP Crowdfunding, you are given the opportunity to take full control over all the transactions that go through your website. You can define the commission rate for campaign owners, set minimum withdrawal amount, and/or define when they can request a withdrawal. All these features are managed by the Native Wallet. 

WP Crowdfunding Addons
Please be informed money management features like calculating commission, are not provided in the Free version of the plugin.

Wallet Settings

When you install and activate the premium version of WP Crowdfunding, you are given access to use multiple addons. Enabling one will let you execute their particular task. If you enable Wallet, you will see related configuration options appear in a new Wallet tab under Crowdfunding settings. From where you can define when campaign owners can request a withdrawal, allocate commission percentage, and set the minimum withdrawal amount.

You can have multiple payment methods activated simultaneously on your site.

The Native Wallet feature comes with an interesting setting, it allows any user to recharge money on their accounts. Using this Wallet balance, a user can donate to other campaigns. To enable this feature, browse to Dashboard > Crowdfunding > Settings > Wallet (tab). From the Deposit Money section turn on “Enable Wallet Deposit” function. 

When Stripe Connect is enabled, all other payment methods (including Native Wallet) gets disabled.

Then define a WooCommerce product (just an empty product will do) that will be used for calculation. Finally hit “Save Changes”, this will enable “Add Balance” option on the frontend for all users.

Please be informed when Stripe Connect is used as your payment method, you only get your allocated portion of the money, not the entire amount. Thus, if a campaign owner violates any policy, you cannot hold/suspend their transection or give a penalty (since they already possess campaign money). This could increase illegal activity on your site. Hence, we strongly advise you to not use Stripe Connet (or similar services).

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