Easy Digital Download

The process is almost similar to the previous one (WooCommerce). You need to have Easy Digital Download plugin installed and activated on your site in order to use this feature.

To use Easy Digital Download as for your eCommerce platform, you need to enable it from
Dashboard > Tutor LMS > Settings > Monetization (Tab) > (select) Easy Digital Download.

You cannot use WooCommerce and Easy Digital Download or Paid Membership Pro at the same time. You need to choose only one monetization option in order to sell your courses.

You first create a Download and then link that to a Course. That’s all there is to it. To do so, after installing EDD you need to browse to Dashboard > Downloads > Add New. Then define a name for the product (in this case, Download) and set its price.

If you are using the Pro version of Tutor LMS it comes with a frontend course builder with all the mentioned settings below. So that you don’t need access to the backend of your site every time.

That’s basically all that you need to do here, hit the Publish button once you’re done.

Now that we have created a product (Download) and set its price, we need to assign it to a course, in that way we can manage the course sells (order management). So, let’s browse go to the course creation page and assign our newly created product (Download) to a course. From the Add Product section, choose one.

We have taken care of the process. Now hit the Publish/Update button to make your course available for purchase. Note: you need to set up a payment gateway in order to use the EDD service.

Please note: if you choose to disable monetization, all your courses will be shown as FREE. Also, whenever you change your monetization method, make sure to properly set up the new one before launching your site.

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