Course Marketplace: You can create a marketplace like environment where many instructors can publish multiple courses. Disabling this option will make your website a single instructor based online education platform.

Instructor Registration Page: You can choose which page to use for instructor/teacher registration from this option. You can create your own page but it is advised to choose the auto-generated registration page.

Can publish course: With this option, you can decide if you want to give a teacher the authority to publish his/her courses. If unchecked, the course will go to admin for publishing approval.

The course publishing feature for instructors only works on the frontend course builder

Become Instructor Button: When this option is checked, a button will appear on Student’s Dashboard allowing them to apply for becoming an Instructor.

Instructors List Layout: From here you can choose the type of layout you want to select for the instructor list. Select the one you want to add.

Note: If no layout is added in the shortcode itself, the selected layout from the Instructor settings menu will take priority.

Public Profile Layout: Select the layout you want to show in the public profile of the student or author. Choose the desired layout and hit save changes to apply.

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