Editing Dashboard Links

You might want to disable some links on the dashboard page on Tutor LMS or want to add new functionality which requires adding a new link. For this purpose, we have a filter named `tutor_dashboard`.

In this tutorial, we have removed reviews and wishlist tabs from the dashboard. We have copy pasted the snippet below and pasted on our themes function.php file.

add_filter('tutor_dashboard/nav_items', 'remove_some_links_dashboard');
function remove_some_links_dashboard($links){
	return $links;

If you want to add new links to the dashboard, here are the steps-

add_filter('tutor_dashboard/nav_items', 'add_some_links_dashboard');
function add_some_links_dashboard($links){
	$links['custom_link']          = __('Custom Link', 'tutor');
	return $links;
  1. Use the filter to add a new link.
  2. Add a new file inside `tutor/templates/dashboard/` folder. This folder has to be inside your theme. It will render the necessary functionality from that file.

If you have any question or need help with any integration, please feel free to use the contact us.

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