System Requirements

To get the best experience of Qubely, we recommend you to have the following system requirements. If you are not sure whether you have the following system requirements, you can contact your hosting provider.


The minimum PHP version supported is PHP 5.6 but Qubely works great with PHP v7.2 or greater (and it’s recommended to have the latest PHP version).


You need to have a properly functional WordPress in your site in order to use Qubely. We recommend having WordPress v5.0 or greater.


For MySQL database, the minimum required version is 5.6 and for MariaDB database, the minimum required version is 10.0.


Qubely is tested on Chrome, Safari, and Firefox (we recommend using any of these browsers) and it works well on Microsoft Edge and Opera too. Unfortunately, we do not provide support for Internet Explorer. Rest assured, pages that are built with Qubely will load on every browser.


It is advised to use a desktop environment for development purpose. You will still be able to load Qubely with small devices (mobiles & tablets) but please note, you cannot perform editing with Qubely in mobile devices.


Qubely can work on all the servers supporting PHP, MySQL and runs WordPress perfectly.

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