Backnow Widget

Bringing beautiful design and customizing them on frontend have been made easy with Backnow custom widgets. Just drag the widget you need and drop it where you want it on your site. Customize to give your desired look.

Themeum title

Give the name of the title. Add any subtitle you want to have. You can set the alignment and link. Click on the “style” option at the top to change color, typography, padding, margin. You can do more by clicking on the “Advanced” option.

Themeum Slider

Themeum Slider lets you add sliders of your choice. After Dragging and dropping the Themeum Slider Widget you can select the slides you want to display. Customize the look by clicking on style and advanced option.

Product category list

Drag and drop the Product category list widget where you want to put on your site. Select the categories you want to show and set the number of the column, Customize the look with padding, margin, border radius, typography and so on.

Themeum GMap

Drag and drop the Themeum GMap widget, Themeum GMap widget lets you add address, latitude, longitude. You can define the map height, type map zoom and add Flug icon if you want.

Themeum Posts Grid

Themeum Posts Grid defines the look of your blog. Just drag and drop the widget and customize as you want to display them. You can select the number of the post and column, Product Category, and the order.

Themeum CrowdFunding Grid

Themeum CrowdFunding Grid shows the fundraising campaign of your site. Drag and drop the widget. Select the number of the product and column, Product Category. You can turn off/on the Pagination and define the view by either latest or recommended product pick.

CrowdFunding Time Expires

Display the campaign with their expiry dates and other details with CrowdFunding Time Expires custom widget. Drag and drop the widget and customize by selecting Number of Products, Number of Column, Product Category and define the view by either latest or recommended product pick.

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