WordPress Installation

This theme has been developed only for WordPress 4.0 or higher versions. So, you need to install WP before you can use this theme. Here you can find the WordPress installation process:  WordPress Codex – Installing WordPress.

WordPress Theme Installation

WordPress theme is simply a group of files, called template, bundled together that, when activated in CMS, determine the look and basic functions of your site. By using a professional Themeum theme, you can have your site up and running with a new design – pretty fast. Theme installation is a very easy process. Especially when you’ve chosen the theme you want to use, you’ll need to install it into your WordPress website. You’ll have the following two choices, as you did when adding new plugins:

  • First, extract the downloaded zip file then find the theme pack (exactly in the name of the theme).
  • You can add the theme directly from within the WP Admin, using the “Upload Theme” option. From Admin Panel go to the following path Appearance > Themes > Add New > Upload Theme and select the appropriate zipped theme file, then click Install Now. N.B: Do not upload the exact file you downloaded from our site. Unzip the file first then upload the theme pack that is inside.
  • If your server is not set up properly or you have any problem, you’ll have to extract and then upload the theme by hand. Using your favorite FTP client tool upload the theme folder into the folder path /wp-content/themes/ on your server and activate it from the admin panel.

Note: On your WordPress site, the wp-content/themes folder holds all your themes. Each theme you install gets its own subfolder. All of a theme’s stylesheets and template files reside inside the theme’s folder.

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