Backer Elementor Widgets

Along with the default Elementor widgets, Backer has 12 additional widgets to offer you more flexibility.

List of elementor widgets of Backer theme


You can use it to create any title or subtitle for any of your elements or any type of text block on any part of your site.

Themeum title widget

Themeum Slider

If you ever need a slider to place anywhere on your site, you can do that with the Themeum Slider widget.

Themeum slider widget of Backer theme

Themeum Campaign Static

With the Themeum Campaign Static widget, you can create blocks on different pages in order to showcase your campaigns.

Themeum Campaign Dynamic

Themeum Campaign Dynamic widget lets you create dynamic blocks in which you can make changes and style your elements.

Themeum campaign dynamic

Themeum Counter

If you need to place any counter of products, number of sales, or categories, you can do that with the Themeum Counter widget.

Themeum counter widget

Themeum Testimonial

Display your client’s testimonials within the webpage using the Themeum Testimonial widget.

Themeum testimonial widget

Themeum WooProduct

Using this widget, you can display products on your site in different styles, like changing the color and size of the title. You can set how many products will be shown in a column or how many columns will be there.

Themeum WooProduct widget

Themeum GMap

Display Google Maps at any place on your website with the Themeum GMap widget. You can set the height and width of the map along with the map type.

Themeum Gmap Elementor widget of Backer theme

Themeum Post Grid

Themeum Post Grid lets you display your blog posts in grid layouts. Set the number of columns and make any changes to the look of the blog.

Themeum posts grid

Themeum Crowdfunding Grid

You can display your crowdfunding projects in different styles. Select the number of columns and the number of items in it. Styling project display with Themeum Crowdfunding grid is quite fun.

Themeum Crowdfunding Grid elementor widget


Use the Team widget to display the members of your team and add social media links of your teammates.

Team elementor widget of Backer theme

Backer Button

You can use this widget to display a button on your website. The text, color, link, and position of this button are customizable.

Backer button elementor widget

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