Customization Options

After clicking on the Customize link on the top bar, you will be redirected to a customizer page where you will find Backer customization options. Click on that to make style changes and re-shape different elements.

Shop Style

Set sidebar in three different styles. Full Width Shop, Left Sidebar and Right Sidebar.

Crowdfunding Category Options

This section of the customization option lets you select different options for the crowdfunding category page depending on your requirements.

You will find the following options once you navigate here.

  • Crowdfunding Category: Shows the category of the crowdfunding campaign.
  • Crowdfunding Location: Displays the location where the crowdfunding campaign is originating from.
  • Crowdfunding Description: This shows a short description of what the campaign represents.
  • Crowdfunding Author: Views the campaign author’s name in the campaign information under the thumbnail image.
  • Select Column: Choose from a 2 column or 3 column appearance for your category page. Note that this option also applies to the shop page.

Campaign Options

If you want to customize the single campaign page you can use the options available here.

Here you will find the following options.

  • Left Thumbnail: Toggle on/off to set the thumbnail image of the campaign to the left side.
  • Donate Button Text: Set the text which will show up inside the Donate button. This button is used to add donations to a specific campaign.
  • Reward Button Text: This button helps the campaign backer select the reward they want to receive after they pledge for a campaign.

All Logos and Favicons

Set or change logo and favicon with their sizes here


Sub Header Banner

You can customize sub-headers specifying their padding, margin and background. you can also enable header title and set font size.

Typography Settings

Set or change the entire website’s font family, size and weight from this section.

Layout and Styling

Set Full Width or Box Width, set or change body background image. Style different text and other elements with different colors and sizes.

Social Media

Put all social media links in their respective fields here, and you can display them on the frontend using the Backer social options.

Coming Soon

Set a coming soon page with logo, title, and specifying the date it will come.

404 Page

Create a 404 page with image, title, and description.

Blog Settings

Set the blog background color; Enable author, hit counts, comments, category buttons to display them on your blog frontend. You can select 1 to 4 column blogs.

Bottom Settings

Set the bottom top padding and bottom bottom padding here.

Footer Setting

Change the footer padding, enable copyright text with its text color and background, and write the copyright text here.

Google Map Settings

You can use google Maps on your site by placing Google Maps API key in the right place. Just get the API key and place it here then it’s done.

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