Use output and set transport to auto instead.
Using js_vars is almost never needed. This argument should only be used in special cases as it will be internally calculated from the output argument if you set transport to auto.
See the transport and output arguments for more details.

If you set transport to postMessage you can write your own scripts, or you can use the js_vars argument and let Kirki automatically create these for you.

It is defined as an array of arrays so you can specify multiple elements.

Kirki::add_field( 'my_config', [
	'type'      => 'color',
	'settings'  => 'my_setting',
	'label'     => esc_html__( 'Text Color', 'translation_domain' ),
	'section'   => 'my_section',
	'default'   => 1,
	'priority'  => 1,
	'transport' => 'postMessage',
	'js_vars'   => [
			'element'  => 'body',
			'function' => 'css',
			'property' => 'color',
			'element'  => 'h1, h2, h3, h4',
			'function' => 'css',
			'property' => 'color',
] );

Available arguments you can use on each item inside each array:

  • 'element' (string): The CSS element you want to affect.
  • 'function' (string): Can be 'css','html' or 'style':
    • css: Changes the affected elements directly with inline styles
    • style: Will add a 'style' tag to the 'head' section of your Customizer live preview with styles set for 'element' and 'property'. Recommend if you want to live preview for example 'a:hover', pseudo-element or style changes that might conflict with existing styles.
    • html: Outputs the option value to 'element' and replaces existing text or html.
  • 'property' (string): If you set 'function' to 'css' or 'style' then this will allow you to select what CSS you want applied to the selected 'element'.
  • units (string): In some cases you may want to add units. The string entered here will be appended to the value. Example: If you have a slider control that should change the border-radius of an element, then you will have to use px or % as units since sliders output a simple numeric value.
  • prefix (string): Will be used before the value
  • suffix (string): Will be used after the value and units.

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