Shortcodes 2.0

This list of shortcodes was introduced in version 2.0.0 of WP Crowdfunding. If you have started using WP Crowdfunding after 22 July 2019, then please follow this documentation. If you are an old version user, please update your shortcodes when you upgrade to 2.0.0

wpcf_popular_campaigns this one helps you to show popular campaigns. This one was inspired by the popular product widget of WooCommerce. The popularity is decided by the number of sales. This one

wpcf_campaign_box this shortcode helps you to display a single campaign. You have to use the campaign ID with this shortcode.
The supported parameters for this shortcode are –

  • limit – numeric value. You can set the number of campaigns you want to show using this parameter.
  • column – numeric value. You can set the number of columns you want to arrange the campaigns in. The recommended value is 1 to 4.
  • order – DESC or ASC. This one defines the ordering based on the title in ascending or descending order.
  • class – text value. If you want to add a CSS class to the section, you can add that here.

The final shortcode will look something like this

[wpcf_campaign_box id="124" limit="6" column="3" order="ASC" class="greenBack"]

As you already know that the campaigns are WooCommerce products. You can get the product ID by hovering on the product title.







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