WPML Multilingual CMS

Please note that WPML integration is not complete. We are recommending the available workaround at this moment.

Before getting WPML, you should download both the Tutor LMS Free and Tutor LMS Pro language packs so that you don’t have to translate all of the content manually.

First, go to WP Admin > Settings > General and select your preferred language from the “Site Language” field. This will prompt an update in the WordPress admin panel to download all language packs for your themes and plugins including Tutor LMS Free.

To download Tutor LMS Pro language packs, go to our translation directory and click on export to download the .po or .pot file. Then, navigate to your WordPress directory to wp-content > languages > plugins and place your downloaded file here. You can also visit the Tutor LMS Facebook Group and post there to find more community created language packs for Tutor LMS.

After you’re done installing WPML plugin and the necessary add-ons, navigate to WP Admin > WPML > Language URL Format.

Select Different languages in directories and click save.

Now, navigate to WPML > Settings and then select Classic Editor and click Save.

Then scroll down to Post Types Translation and Select Translatable for Courses. This is a must have option to create different versions of a course for different languages. This one is mandatory. You may select the other options like lessons, quizzes and assignments but those are not recommended. Because our mapping for languages is not complete and you cannot search and add lessons to a course yet. This would take some time to come.

Now you need to enable the Taxonomy Translations as well. Click Save and you’re ready to start translating.

If you are confused or something is not working, please feel free to use the button on the right to contact us. You can use the contact form on our site as well.

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