CartFlows Landing Page


  1. The permalink structure is set to “Post Name”.
  2. Activate WooCommerce, Tutor LMS, Cartflows Plugin.
  3. Enable If you want to use Elementor templates for the CartFlows plugin, you can install that. But this is optional. You can use any page builder you want. Or you can just use Gutenberg or plain WordPress Editor. It is totally up to you.

Configuring Plugins

  1. Enable WooCommerce integration from Tutor > Settings > WooCommerce.
  2. Enable user signup on cart page from WooCommerce > Settings > Accounts and Privacy

Creating a Paid Course

If you are already selling courses with WooCommerce integration, then skip this section.

  1. Tutor uses WooCommerce products to complete the payment for courses. So, create the product from WooCommerce and don’t forget to check the box “For Tutor”.
  2. Create the course from Tutor > Course > Add New. Or you can add the WooCommerce product.

Using the CartFlows Pages

  1. Go to CartFlows > Flows > Add New. Give the flow a name and update it.
  2. Adjust the landing pages as you prefer using a page builder or Gutenberg or the classic editor of WordPress. Adjust the landing page URLs as you prefer.
  3. Don’t forget to tag the WooCommerce product for your course.
  4. Save the landing pages when you’re done.
  5. Copy the landing page link and place it on your menu or anywhere you like and you’re done!

Video Tutorial

How to use CartFlows and Tutor

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