Manage Courses

From this page, you can maintain all Tutor LMS as well as add new courses from the backend of Tutor LMS.

There are columns for the date, course title, categories, author, students and price. Click on the icon beside the author’s name to go to that author’s profile.

You can even directly publish a course send it to pending, trash, draft, pending. There’s a button beside each course to:

Edit: To head to the backend editing panel, click on Edit. To learn more about the backend editing panel, click here.

If you click on the vertical ellipsis icon on the right of every course you can find:

View Course: This will take you to the frontend view of the course.

Duplicate: If you are creating a course similar to an existing one, this button will come in handy. Clicking on duplicate will copy all course information from this and import it into a new course editing screen where you can make the necessary changes.

Delete Permanently: This will move the course to the trash and simultaneously unpublish it if it’s already published.

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