Certificate Customizer

This plugin can add custom-designed certificates to Tutor LMS’s certificate library. Although you do need Tutor LMS Pro in order to do so, this plugin is completely free.

You can get this plugin from our WordPress.org link here.


  • Install and activate Tutor LMS Pro
  • Install and activate Certificate Customizer
  • Background image for the certificate and the thumbnail.

background.png: This is the background of the certificate that acts as the base upon which your certificate will be created.

After adding and activating Certificate Customizer to your LMS website, you will see a new demo certificate inside Tutor LMS > Settings > Tutor Certificate like the image shown below-

Now you need to navigate to the add-on folder which is located at wp-content/plugins/certificate-customizer-for-tutor-lms/ and replace the dummy images with your newly designed images.

Please make sure they are named correctly as “background.png” and “preview.png” respectively. Please follow the provided images as references for dimensions and text positions.

If you want to use a different layout and customize text position and style, then you should edit the pdf.css file and certificate.php file respectively. You can also add custom fonts by following this documentation. If you are not a developer, we recommend hiring one to avoid complications.

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