Editing Email Templates

Tutor LMS does not have any graphical editor to change the email content for now. So you have to override the plugin files from your theme.

Please follow the steps mentioned in the below document to copy all the templates from the plugin and placing inside your theme-


After copying the template folder into your theme, you will see that there is a folder named email. You will find the following files inside the folder

  1. to_instructor_asked_question_by_student.php
  2. to_instructor_course_completed.php
  3. to_instructor_course_enrolled.php
  4. to_instructor_lesson_completed.php
  5. to_student_course_completed.php
  6. to_student_quiz_completed.php

All of these files have plain HTML text that is used on the email body. You may modify any of them as you like. Although we prefer using only HTML formatted text for now to avoid issues or conflict with the email system.

What does these templates do?

  1. to_instructor_asked_question_by_student.php – this email is sent to notify the instructor when a student has posted a question on the question answer section of the course.
  2. to_instructor_course_completed.php – this is a notification sent to the instructor when a student completes the entire course.
  3. to_instructor_course_enrolled.php – a notification sent to the instructor to know that a new student has enrolled to the course.
  4. to_instructor_lesson_completed.php – when a student completes a lesson on a course, the instructor is notified using this email template.
  5. to_student_course_completed.php – After completing a course, this email is sent to the student to confirm that he has successfully completed the course.
  6. to_student_quiz_completed.php – After completing a quiz, the student receives this email.

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