Using Custom Fonts in Certificates

WIth Tutor LMS’s certificates, you can use custom fonts in certificates. To do so, you must follow these certain steps:

1. Upload your “.woff2” custom font file into the certificate template folder here:
However, if you are using custom certificate templates, you have to navigate to this folder and upload your custom font file here:

2. Create a font.css file in the same location and use this code to initialize the custom font: \certificate-customizer-for-tutor-lms\templates

    font-family: 'Architects Daughter'
    src: url(./fonts/Architects.woff2);

3. Add to the pdf.css file to replace the default font with the custom font. For example, if you want to replace the h2 font, add this line to .certificate-content h2’s css properties:
font-family: 'Architects Daughter';

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