Push Notifications

This add-on will not work if your site does not have SSL Certificate installed. It is required by all the browsers to serve push notifications from a secure site.

Push notifications allows your eLearning website to send out browser notifications to all kinds of users of your website. This includes admins, instructors, and students. There are several kinds of notifications that cover all kinds of on-site activities and keep users in the loop.

Each notification is tailored to each user type’s requirements.


  • Tutor LMS v1.9.2
  • Tutor LMS Pro v1.9.2
  • PHP extensions: curl, gmp, mbstring, openssl
  • PHP version: 7.2.5 or newer (required)
  • SSL Certificate (required)

If you do not have the PHP extensions installed, please contact your hosting administrator for assistance.

Please make sure that the Push Notification addon is enabled from the addons list in Tutor LMS Pro > Addons > Push Notification.

Each notification can be enabled or disabled using the toggles in the settings panel. Additionally, users will receive a notification initially that will ask whether they want to be notified using push notifications.

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