Crowdfunding System: Startup Idea Default or WP Crowdfunding Plugin?


We’ve made the Startup Idea 2.7 version compatible with WP Crowdfunding plugin that can manage the entire crowdfunding system on a site via WooCommerce. In the previous versions of Startup Idea, there has been a built-in system in the theme which enables users to post crowdfunding projects and raise funds.


From now on, you will get two crowdfunding system choices on the Theme Options page and you can choose one of them to use on your site. These are:

  1. The default crowdfunding system built inside the theme core
  2. WP Crowdfunding plugin


After installing and activating the Startup Idea theme, you will get the default crowdfunding system active. This system is inherently available in Startup Idea. If you have been already using Startup Idea (version 2.7 or less), by default you are using the preloaded crowdfunding system built inside the theme core.

From version 2.7, you can choose a new type of crowdfunding system rather than the default one. We’ve included a basic (free) version of WP Crowdfunding plugin in the Startup Idea theme package which you can use to launch and manage a powerful crowdfunding site.


Why would I use the WP Crowdfunding plugin?

The default crowdfunding system which is built inside the theme, is still functional and being used by lots of people worldwide. But the default system has a limited number of functionalities. On the other hand, WP Crowdfunding is a WooCommerce based plugin, that means it can utilize the rich toolset of WooCommerce. Moreover, you can purchase a paid version of WP Crowdfunding to enjoy much more benefits which in not possible in the theme’s built-in crowdfunding system. That’s why you may choose to use WP Crowdfunding plugin.


Can I switch between the default system and the WP Crowdfunding plugin?

If you have been using the default Startup Idea crowdfunding system, and there are already some crowdfunding projects added on the site, that means those projects are handled by the theme’s built-in crowdfunding system. Now if you decide to stop using the default system and start using the WP Crowdfunding plugin, you need to start from the beginning. The projects which have been added using the theme’s built-in crowdfunding system, those cannot be imported into the WP Crowdfunding plugin environment. To use WP Crowdfunding plugin, you need to start from the beginning and add new projects using WooCommerce. Remember, WP Crowdfunding is based on WooCommerce, so when you are adding a project using WP Crowdfunding, you are actually adding a ‘Product’ using WooCommerce under the hood.


To be specific, one method cannot manage projects created by another. So if you choose WP Crowdfunding plugin method, then you need to continue with that. Later if you switch to the theme’s default crowdfunding system, the projects which were added using the WP Crowdfunding plugin will not be accessible and vice versa.

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