Our Shortcodes List

This section will introduce you to the StarterPro shortcodes. These are our custom shortcodes developed for the King Composer plugin.

Classic Slider

Use the Classic Slider shortcode to place a stunning top slider on your site. This section will display a predefined number of slider frames on the top of your website.

You can easily use this slider. Open our shortcode list and just select Classic Slider.

Themeum Project

This shortcode displays StarterPro projects (portfolio items). In this section, users can easily get all project related information.

Open our shortcode list, then select and customize the Themeum Project shortcode.

Team Carousel

The StarterPro theme has a built-in addon Team Carousel to display your team members on the site.

Open our shortcode list and insert the Team Carousel shortcode.

In the Team Carousel addon, you will get the “Add Element” option. Click that and insert the “Themeum Team” shortcode to add team member information.

Finally, save settings.


Latest Post

This shortcode displays your latest news or blog posts.

You can easily change the layout of the latest post section on any page.

Call to Action

This shortcode displays a call to action section

Themeum Title

This shortcode displays a title with a subtitle & lines.

The following image shows the backend of the Themeum Title shortcode.


This shortcode displays testimonials about your products/services provided by your clients.

The following image shows the backend of the Testimonial shortcode.

Client Carousel

This shortcode displays a carousel that displays your clients as a swipeable list.

Open our shortcode list and insert the Client Carousel shortcode.

Customise the element with appropriate contents and settings.

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