Personal Blog Options

This section will provide you an in-depth guide on how to use the Personal Blog Options. To access the Personal Blog Options page, go to: Dashboard > Appearance > Customize.

Here is a screenshot of the Personal Blog Options page. The default settings are shown in the following image.

Inside the Personal Blog Options

Home Layout Options

This section lets you manage three options.

  1. Select Blog layout (left sidebar or rightbar).
  2. Blog single page layout (left sidebar or rightbar).
  3. Select a pagination system (load more or numbering).

Logo & Favicon Options

This section will let you set everything related to the logo. You can set an image or texts as a logo.

Typography Settings

On this page, you can change your site font-family, font size, font weight, font color, alignment etc. 600+ Google fonts added in this font selection option.

Layout & Styling

These options manage the color schemes of your theme. You can choose site link color, hover color, background color or images and many more.


This section controls the look and feel of your website’s blog. Enable or diable post excerpt, set the excerpt character limit and enable or disable Read More functionality.


If you want to show some texts (e.g. copyright notice) on your website footer, turn on this option and put the text here. It will be displayed on your site’s bottom.

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